Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Summary, Draft 1

In the article, “Use of cladding buildings here have grown in recent times: Experts,” Faris Mokhtar (2017) reports the opinions of experts regarding the usage of cladding in the midst of the Grenfell Tower fire incident, which took the lives of many. “Engineering experts” claim that cladding reinforces the aesthetics and durability of the building. However, cladding potentially extends as a fire hazard. Different climates require different cladding methods. Here in Singapore, the cladding procedure has standards to ensure fire safety by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). While it is clear that cladding poses a potential fire hazard, with strictly enforced government standards, cladding can be safe.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Task D: Writing a formal e-mail

Subject: A self-introduction

Dear Mr Blackstone,

My name is Reginald Goh Hsiao Shane and this is a formal introduction of myself. I graduated with an electrical engineering diploma, specializing in solar energy. I discovered that I was passionate about solar energy when I was in my final year of diploma studies. Thus, I have decided to pursue my interest by furthering my studies in Sustainable Infrastructure (Building Services). Aside from solar energy, I am also passionate about beatboxing. I have been beatboxing since I was 14 years old and I have won 2 national beatbox battles. I am putting this skill to good use by teaching beatboxing in local schools.

Effective communication is a skill which I constantly try to improve upon as I have a tendency to beat around the bush. I believe that it is crucial to articulate one's opinions with brevity and clarity. Aside from being able to communicate one's point succinctly, it is important to be a good listener as well. I constantly strive to develop these two skills. 

During conversations, I am an empathetic listener and I am aware of the mood and atmosphere. Also, I am conscious of nonverbal cues during interactions and I try my best to convey a friendly and open vibe. 

However, I am disorganized when speaking, constantly jumping around and filling missing details while speaking which can confuse the listener. As a result of being detailed, I can be long-winded which bores the listener as I overload him/her with too much information.

To conclude, I understand the paramount importance of effective communication and I am keen to further develop my strengths while working on my flaws in communication in this module. 

Best Regards,

Reginald Goh

SIE2016 Group 1

7 Sept 2017

11 Sept 2017