Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Task D: Writing a formal e-mail

Subject: A self-introduction

Dear Mr Blackstone,

My name is Reginald Goh Hsiao Shane and this is a formal introduction of myself. I graduated with an electrical engineering diploma, specializing in solar energy. I discovered that I was passionate about solar energy when I was in my final year of diploma studies. Thus, I have decided to pursue my interest by furthering my studies in Sustainable Infrastructure (Building Services). Aside from solar energy, I am also passionate about beatboxing. I have been beatboxing since I was 14 years old and I have won 2 national beatbox battles. I am putting this skill to good use by teaching beatboxing in local schools.

Effective communication is a skill which I constantly try to improve upon as I have a tendency to beat around the bush. I believe that it is crucial to articulate one's opinions with brevity and clarity. Aside from being able to communicate one's point succinctly, it is important to be a good listener as well. I constantly strive to develop these two skills. 

During conversations, I am an empathetic listener and I am aware of the mood and atmosphere. Also, I am conscious of nonverbal cues during interactions and I try my best to convey a friendly and open vibe. 

However, I am disorganized when speaking, constantly jumping around and filling missing details while speaking which can confuse the listener. As a result of being detailed, I can be long-winded which bores the listener as I overload him/her with too much information.

To conclude, I understand the paramount importance of effective communication and I am keen to further develop my strengths while working on my flaws in communication in this module. 

Best Regards,

Reginald Goh

SIE2016 Group 1

7 Sept 2017

11 Sept 2017


  1. How interesting, Reggie! I'm happy to learn something about you, and I look forward to reading your classmates' responses. I'll get back to you later.

  2. Dear Reginald,

    It was interesting to find out that you can beat box and really great at it too! I hope to pick up some beat boxing skills from you some day.

    I have to say your format is excellent as you clearly point out your strengths and weaknesses with each a few given examples. You have an enormous arsenal of vocabulary and adjective. Keep up the good work!

    I hope you will achieve all your goals you have set out for this module.


    Qiu yu xiong

    1. Hey Yu Xiong,

      Yeah I can teach you, maybe at a fee. Im joking! Haha, it'll be my pleasure.

      Thank you, and all the best for the rest of your University life.


  3. Hi Reginald,

    You have state clearly your course of study in polytechnic. It was quite interesting to know that you are a beatboxer. It was a fun activity that can entertain the audience.

    I face difficulty in communicating with people also. I sometimes get nervous when I give a presentation. You have state your weaknesses and this will enable the readers to understand you more.


    1. Hey Lim Sheng,

      Yeah, I do it as a hobby. Something about making music with my face that intrigues me.

      I think the jitters before presentations is ubiquitous, experienced by everyone. It is how we cope with it that makes the difference.

      I wish you all the best for the rest of your University life.


  4. Hi Reginald

    Through this letter, I understand more about you such as your background and an interesting fact that you can beatbox. Hope to see you perform infront of the class!

    Personally, I feel that your format and structure of your letter are well written. Your points are concise and clear, this allow the readers to relate closely to you.

    I do agree with you that effective communication is of paramount importance and I hope that you can work and, ultimately overcome on your goals you set through this module.

    Poh Shi Lei

    1. Hey She Lei,

      Maybe with a good system I would.

      Thank you! I still have much room for improvement for my language though. I feel that my flow could be further improved.

      Thank you, I wish you all the best for this module too.


  5. Hi Reginald,

    Your letter clearly expressed your background and facts. I would definitely hope to see you beatbox in school one day!

    Overall, your letter is concise and easy to read. The structure of the letter are well written as you state your points clearly. I believe that if you continue to work on your flaws, you will be able to overcome it. All the best!

    Ronvin Tan

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  7. Dear Reggie,

    Thank you once again for this letter. In it you do a good job overviewing your communication skills in terms of weaknesses and strengths. I assume the goals you have for our course are related to the 'flaws' you mention, but I wonder if you could have set something more specific, something clearly achievable.

    Probably the most intriguing aspect of this letter for me is your expressed passion for beatboxing. Honestly, I thought I knew what that was, but when I checked Wikipedia, I found that I was totally wrong. So it is based essentially on vocalizations that resemble a percussion instrument a la Bobby McFerrin and Al Jarreau . I hope you can demonstrate this in class. I'm already imagining you doing a session for the 'presentation showcase.'

    I look forward to learning more about you this term.


    1. Dear Brad,

      I would like to improve the flow and grammar of English more efficiently. When writing an essay or report, I would have to check and alter my language multiple times before I am actually satisfied with it. My goal for this course is to improve my command of English by participating in class and practicing my English through the assignments given to me.
      It has been 5 years since I thoroughly practiced English.

      Beatboxing is constantly evolving. While it is true that it is imitation of percussion, it has changed almost to its own genre of music born from the technicalities of beatboxing. If we have time, I do not mind demonstrating:)

      Thank you Brad!